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Suie & Weaver LLC Biographies

    Denean Suie and Theresa (Terry) Weaver became friends in the 7th grade while attending Albert M. Greenfield School in Philadelphia, PA. In their sophomore year of high school, they both were given an opportunity of a lifetime when they were selected to participate as interns in the Business Experience Education Program (BEEP) at SmithKline & French Laboratories (now GlaxoSmithKline) as a result of their academic achievements and developing interpersonal skills. This was the beginning of a long career for both at GSK, Suie for 29 years and Weaver for 21 years. 

    Suie & Weaver LLC currently manages High School Internship Programs for GlaxoSmithKline. In addition to GlaxoSmithKline…they have created, developed and manage high school internship programs for the following companies: Marketplace Philadelphia International Airport, XFINITY Live, Philadelphia, PA, Starbucks, Philadelphia International Airport and Kumas Homes, LLC, Philadelphia, PA. Their management includes but is not limited too recruitment, selecting students, providing training and development through their ‘Developing Young Professionals of Our Future’ Seminar Series and setting metrics in order to captures each interns’ development.

    Denean Suie's, first job as a BEEP Intern was a Clerk Typist Trainee. Once she graduated from high school she was offered a full time position. As the years went by Suie worked in Sales supporting GSK Professional Sales Team, then she was given the opportunity to be Weaver’s successor, supporting University Relations managing student programs such as the high school BEEP, College Co-Ops and Summer Interns & Students with Disabilities. After her experience in Human Resources for two years, Suie returned to Sales and managed an internal call center that supported the Sales Team. After the SmithKline/Glaxo Wellcome merger, another great opportunity was presented to Suie to work on a highly visible senior management project. Upon the completion of that project she landed a role supporting Marketing Brand Teams as their Professional Programs Consultant. Suie worked with their Professional Healthcare Physicians, external vendors and legal counsel for the following brands: Avandia, the Vaccines Franchise, Coreg, Levitra and Avodart. After 29 years of service at GlaxoSmithKline, Suie took an early retirement and decided to start her own company ‘Suie & Weaver LLC with her long time friend and professional business partner Terry Weaver.

    Theresa (Terry) Weaver’s, began her career as a High School Intern at SmithKline & French Laboratories (currently GlaxoSmithKline) in the Corporate Tax department as a Clerk Typist Trainee in their BEEP (Business Experience Education Program) program. Upon graduation, she obtained a position as a Clerk Typist in the Human Resources department where she advanced and held various positions, such as Human Resources Recruitment Administrator, Employee Relations Representative, and lastly University Relations Account Manager, which included the opportunity to manage the internship program BEEP. After 21 successful years at GSK, in 2002, Ms. Weaver accepted the opportunity for early retirement and was able to further utilize the marketable skills obtained from GSK and continued her career as a Human Resources professional holding various Director level positions in Academia and in the Non-Profit arena. 

     The idea for the partnership of Suie & Weaver LLC was developed because both Suie and Weaver wanted an opportunity to share their positive experience with other young people as they prepare for obtaining summer jobs, high school and/or college internships, employment opportunities and possibly becoming entrepreneurs. Suie and Weaver realized that without the opportunity afforded them by GlaxoSmithKline, they would not have had their successful careers. They know from personal experience that acquiring professional development and lifetime skills early are essential to becoming successful in any field of study or social environment which is the purpose of Suie & Weaver Associates' 'Developing Young Professionals of Our Future' Seminar Series.

Suie holds a BA in Human Resource Organizational Development from Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA.

Weaver holds a BS in Human Resource Management also from Rosemont College in Rosemont, PA.

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