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Internship Programs

We provide services to businesses and schools interested in developing a High School Internship program. We identify early talent for workforce development in order to assist companies with building their future employee pipeline. 

Benefits of Introducing an Internship program to YOUR organization:

  • A cost-effective program for recruiting young professionals into your organization.​
  • Win-win for employers and interns:
    -Employers receive assistance with day-to-day responsibilities

    -Organizations and departments increases productivity and revenue
    -Interns receive hands-on professional learning opportunities
  • A cost-effective way of training and developing future employees for your organization; a pipeline for future hires which decreases your recruitment budget for years to come…ROI
  • Provides professional development and supervisory experience for developing employees of your organization.
  • High quality work at a small cost.
  • Increase diversity.
  • An opportunity for organizations and employees to support the local community by giving back to our young people…THEY ARE OUR FUTURE!

Facilitation of ‘Developing Young Professionals of Our Future’ Seminar Series can be offered to students selected as interns into your organization.

Services include but not limited to:

Assist with the development of an internship training program for high achieving students that are selected to do one or two-year internships or summer internships which includes:

  • Identifying, screening and recruiting students at area high schools.
  • Provide support to organizations with identifying departments that interns could make an impact and add value as they develop marketable and professional skills.
  • Provide support in designing internship programs tailored to best fit the needs of your organization.
  • Be the liaison between your Human Resources, Philadelphia High School Principals & Work Study Counselors and high school students.
  • Provide training to supervisors.
  • Provide on-going evaluations to ensure students’ continued eligibility to participate in the program.

Benefits of Introducing an Internship program to YOUR High School:

  • Increases the interest of middle school students and parents which potentially could increase enrollment to your high school based upon your high school having an internship program.
  • Students gain work experience that can give them a competitive edge over their peers from other high schools.
  • Allow students to be more attractive and viable when applying for colleges and universities.
  • Builds a partnership with schools and businesses.
  • Makes your high school attractive to businesses that are interested in hiring young professionals.
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