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Services & Fees

Professional Development Seminar Series:

The Benefits.... 

Grade 8 - Introduction to 'Developing Young Professionals of Our Future' prepares students for volunteer work and or summer jobs which is the start to 'building' their resumes.

Grades 9 through 12 - 'Developing Young Professionals of Our Future' gets students ready for obtaining internships and employment. 

Students will receive the following:

    • 'Certificate of Completion'
    • 'Letter of Recommendation' for Internships or employment opportunities
    • Ongoing professional mentoring provided by Suie & Weaver LLC (as requested by participants)
  • Students will be evaluated upon completion of each training workshop.
  • Various reference materials will be provided for students to utilize for future resources.

We provide opportunities for learning using a combination of engaging activities such as: 

  • Interactive exercises​
  • Role playing
  • Interactive dialogue through reading

All of which sharpens comprehension, helps participants retain information and fosters audience participation. 

Our goal for participants is to have 'fun' while learning!

Internship Programs:

Suie & Weaver LLC develops internship programs for companies. Internship Programs are cost effective ways of recruiting young professionals into your organization. Such programs can develop a pipeline for future hires and be a return on investment (ROI).

For the benefits of an internship program for your organization, please see the Internship Program page of this website.


Please contact us to schedule a free consultation to discuss services and fees for the Professional Development Seminar Series and or the Internship Program.

Our company is based on the

belief that our clients' needs are of the utmost importance and our entire team is committed to meeting those needs. 

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